Cotton pads is usually made of cotton or paper pulp pressed into about 5-6cm long small cotton pieces. The price of Cotton pads sold in supermarkets is about one more dollars, which is very durable. A better brand is about dozens of dollars, which is sold in cosmetics counters. There are many uses of Cotton pads. The main use is to remove make-up, due to the softness of its texture, it is not easy to hurt the face when removing make-up, and it is very comfortable to use the toner, as well as cleaning the make-up. Of course, Cotton pads, also can be used to make-up with Cotton pads, wipe make-up water has the effect of secondary cleaning, is a skin care cannot be omitted step.

Cotton or pulp size 5-6cm advantages easy to control the amount of make-up water use make-up, make-up removal

Make up cotton material can be divided into two basic: absorbent cotton and non-woven fabric, these two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to your own needs.

Absorbent cotton

The cotton pad is thick and soft to touch, so it needs a lot of water to apply; Sometimes there are desquamation phenomenon, water absorption is weak.

Non-woven fabric

This kind of cotton pad is relatively thin and thick to the touch, but because of its strong water absorption, the amount of make-up water is less.

Test edit voice

Buy cotton, many females may think, this thing is not very important, as long as you can use OK! So when you come across the supermarket, you can buy whatever you want. After the cotton allergy incident, you begin to pay attention to the quality of the cotton, not only to the health problem.

Cotton pad test:

1. Pour 2ml of the standard amount of make-up water onto the cotton pad to test the water absorption of the cotton pad. Test criteria: to see if there is leakage of make-up water.

2. Then squeeze out the make-up water in the cotton pad to see how much water can be released. Test criteria: how much ml make-up water to squeeze out.

3. In the back of the hand with wet cotton repeatedly wipe 20 times to see if there is cotton residue. Test standard: see how much cotton wadding is left on the back of hand.

The results were analyzed

1. High quality cotton, need to have excellent water absorption capacity, will not drip.

2. But also have super water release capacity, and use after leaving no cotton.

Using skills to edit voice

When applying lotion

Apply proper amount of make-up water onto the cotton pad and gently wipe the whole face from the inside out until the water penetrates into the skin.

Suggestion: make up cotton made of non-woven fabric.

Reason for suggestion: the material is thin, can fully absorb moisture, does not waste too much make-up water, and infiltrates moisture onto the skin.

When rubbing Lotion

Pour the emulsion onto the cotton pad and gently apply the whole face until it is absorbed.

Recommended use: make up cotton with thin non-woven material.

Reasons for suggestion:

Can take care of the nose, mouth, ears and other small places. There is also a certain wake-up effect, will not be greasy.

When removing makeup

Fold 3 pieces of cosmetic cotton together and turn on the makeup remover. This is done to remove the whole face make-up once and do not need to repeatedly replace the cotton piece. In general, when the makeup is finished, it is suggested that after the make-up is finished, the makeup remover will be put on the makeup remover, and the make-up may be residual. This is done to remove the remaining make-up, so as to ensure that the make-up is unloaded.

Recommended use: absorbent cotton material Cotton pads, a special Cotton pads.

Reason for suggestion: the touch is soft and fine, and repeated wiping of make-up will not stimulate the skin and cause discomfort.

When making mask

Dip the cotton pad into the moisturizing or whitening lotion and apply it to the cheeks or eyes for about 5-10 minutes.

Suggestion: make up cotton made of non-woven fabric.

Reason for recommendation: the material is thin, which can fully absorb moisture and smoothly deliver moisture to the deep skin.

When removing nail polish

If you use the new cosmetic cotton to remove nail polish, it often breaks the cotton pad because of too much effort. Not only is it wasted, but the effect of the makeup remover is not ideal. It is recommended that you use the dry cotton pad to finish the nail polish removal work. The result is pretty good.

Recommended: any material

Alternative small cotton swab

The most common is the round head, oval head cotton swabs, in fact, there is a more widely used, better effect of cotton swabs - pointed cotton swabs, oval head cotton swabs size is moderate, suitable for dizzy eye shadow and facial make-up correction; Because the "head" is fine, it can be used as a makeup tool for make-up details. It can be used to correct imperfect eyeliner, wipe the dirt on the eyelids under the eyelash, modify the lipstick that has been painted out, and correct the nail polish on the nail edge. It is very useful.

Select and edit voice

In the selection of cotton, mainly to its touch and elasticity to determine the primary factor. It should feel soft and malleable. Because the cotton pad is afraid of light, including the light in the store may damage its quality, so when buying cotton pad, if it is displayed in a row, don't take the first one, but take the back, because the cotton pad in the back won't enjoy a lot of "sunbathing". Another practical way to distinguish is to fold the cotton pad in half and rub it with each other. If you don't rub it a few times, you can't use it.


Proper use of cotton pad

The material that doesn't stimulate the skin is directly in contact with the skin. The natural cotton is the best for the material selection, and the touch should be soft and comfortable; At the same time to avoid any chemical substances added, such as fluorescent agents. The size should be convenient. The correct way to take the cotton pad is to cover the cotton pad with the index finger and ring finger on the middle finger. This is the most convenient way to control the force and direction. Each person's finger length is different, so it's better to choose the suitable and convenient way to take it. Thickness should be moderate, do not use too thin cotton pad for fear of wasting maintenance products. The cotton pad used for skin care should be at least 3 cm thick, so that when wiping, the amount of water absorbed is sufficient, not only the skin feels very comfortable, but also will not cause irritation to the skin due to repeated friction. If the thickness of cotton pad is insufficient, two or more pieces can be used together. The density should be enough. The density of the cotton pad should be strong enough. It will not break when wiping the skin, causing the cotton wadding to fall or remain. Before use, you can use your hand to gently pull the cotton pad to test. It's easy to pull the broken cotton pad to indicate that the density is not enough.


Because it is in direct contact with the facial skin, it is necessary to avoid adding any chemical substances, such as bleach, because after encountering moisture, the chemical residues in the cotton pad may dissolve out. Natural cotton should be a light cotton flavor, if there is any fragrance should stop using. If possible, you can do a small experiment at home. Ignite a piece of cotton pad with a lighter and blow it out immediately. The smell of cotton pad with chemicals is pungent. High quality cotton pad should have the smell of natural plant ash.

Visual inspection

If the cotton pad is too thin, the amount of water absorbed by the cotton pad is not enough when wiping. The skin feels very uncomfortable. Excessive friction can cause irritation to the skin. When the cotton pad is not thick enough, the two pieces can be used together. It seems that the thinner Cotton pads, wipe may break, wipe the whole face cotton wadding, will be quite embarrassing. When choosing, usable hand is pulled gently experiment, pull easily the makeup cotton that breaks to indicate density is insufficient.


It is unscientific to judge the quality of cosmetic cotton around its water absorption and water release. Many people think that poor quality cotton absorbent is too strong, resulting in a lot of make-up water was "eaten" and feel waste. The real high-quality cosmetic cotton has good water absorption and water release. Pour about 2ml make-up water on the cotton pad to see if there is any leakage of make-up water, so as to test the water absorption of the cotton pad; Then, squeeze out the make-up water in the cotton pad to see how much water can be released. The closer the water is squeezed out, the better the water release of the cotton pad is, which means that the water will not be "eaten" by the cotton pad and cause waste.

How to edit voice

The most common and best way to use the cotton pad is to put it on the middle finger and hold it between the index finger and ring finger. Pat make-up water mostly use cotton pads, because cotton pads is relatively thin, will not scratch the skin, than synthetic fiber Cotton pads is much softer.

A piece of cotton pad is disposable. You can throw it away after using it once.

Reason to use Edit voice

Data comparison before and after use

Reason# 1: easy to control the amount of toner

Beauty experts tell us that when the lotion touches the palm, the hand skin will first absorb the nutrient content of the lotion, so the use of cotton pad can better control the lotion and make it work better on the face.

Reason #2: wipe action can take away the skin surface of old waste cells, a slight effect of exfoliation.

When using toner, especially in summer when using toner with cleaning and shrinking pores, the wiping effect of cosmetic cotton can be brought into full play.

Reason# 3: can wipe very even, because the skin surface has furrow and pimple, Cotton pads can fill concave convex.

Reason four: can wipe off cream, lip oil, nail polish and other residual oil.

Beauty editor's voice

The pattern on one side of the cotton pad is inclined, and the texture is coarse, while the pattern on the other side is honeycomb. The rough side is specially used in the T-shaped part, because the cuticle of the T-shaped part is thicker. The delicate side is used in the V part.

Soak the cotton pad with the water that can exfoliate.

Do not save make-up water, the more the better, if the amount of less, make-up water can not completely soak cotton. Use semi wet cotton to wipe the skin, in fact, is to rub the skin with cotton cloth, more likely to cause skin allergy.

Apply the soaked cotton pad gently on your face, then pat it gently.

The purpose of tapping is to fill the cuticle with water. When the cuticle is full of water, it will swell up, and then as long as you gently wipe, the cuticle will be removed.

Use a rough cotton pad dipped in exfoliating lotion to remove the cutin on the T-shaped part.

The technique is to gently circle the forehead with the ring finger, and then remove the cuticle of the nose from up to down. Make up water to choose non-alcoholic.

Use the delicate side of the cotton pad to remove the cutin of the V-shaped part.

Exfoliate to avoid around the eyes, because the corneous layer around the eyes is very thin. Cutin removed clean, the skin inside the oil can be secreted, acne, acne problems do not have to worry about. And after the neck massage in the clavicle inside the lymph pressure four. Because the inside of the clavicle is the location of the lymph nodes, sometimes because of the pressure, there will be edema in the morning, and the face will become very big, so often pressing is conducive to drainage and detoxification of the body.

In addition, while using cosmetic cotton to exfoliate, you can also do some massage to improve from the bottom up, and press the acu-points at the root of the ear at the same time.


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