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Eco-friendly Cotton buds

Organic Cotton buds 75±0.3x2.5mm

white paper stick

Packed in round/square box PP/kraft paper



Organic Cotton buds for domestic use can be produced with different stick material, i.e. wood, paper and plastic. It is important in thinking what type of cotton bud gives the lowest environmental burden and is as organic as possible. One should also take care of the form of the tip and how the sticks should be disposed of. We therefore only produce Organic Cotton buds with paper sticks.

The medium rigidity stick is an Organic Cotton buds with a paper stick with a size of (68~72)x2.5 mm. Paper sticks are produced with virgin paper material, giving the cotton sticks a clean and relatively strong stick, with a controlled source of raw-material. Although it should be noted that in the production process of paper a lot of water is used, and it does give an environmental burden.

We strongly recommend using paper sticks as they are naturally bio-degradable. As they are relatively rigid, where they are applied in excess force in a wrong area, they will bend without causing damage. When Organic Cotton buds are produced from paper sticks, FDA approved glue is applied in order to attach the cotton tip to the stick. This process always gives a better tip in that it is much more difficult to detach the cotton from the stick.

When choosing the correct head shape, it is important to note that the tip of the bud sticks should be completely covered. For sensitive use, apply a gentle pressure on the tip, and you should be feeling the soft cotton and not the stick. We recommend tips with at least 1.5mm cotton cushioning from the stick end to the tip. We also recommend usage of min. 5 grams of cotton per 100 tips.

Organic Cotton buds are produced in order to be as organic a possible. 25% of worlds pesticides are used in the growing of cotton. We wish to give our commitment to the environment in order to lowering this level and not using pesticides. All the cotton used for the production of Organic Cotton Buds can be traced back to the original farm from which the cotton is cultivated. Special care is taken in economic support and development of these farms.

Although paper is bio-degradable and could be disposed of in toilets, the amount of sticks being disposed of in this manner is extremely large and it strongly recommended to dispose of properly. Water works spend a lot of energy and time in removing these from their system.

Organic Cotton buds are produced in order to be used for cosmetic and cleaning purposes, however, if they are used for cleaning the ear, care should be shown not to insert into the inner ear canal, this could damage the inner ear canal. Some of the natural ear wax in this canal is there for protection, and should not to be removed.


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